Sep 18 2013

Workers’ Comp Agency Recommends 4.4% Rate Increase

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workers comp
The agency that helps set workers’ comp rates is recommending they increase 4.4% at the start of next year. The Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau in early August recommended that the average benchmark pure premium rates for all of the state’s class codes in-crease to $2.62 per $100 of payroll for policies incepting on or after Jan. 1, 2014.

A good portion of the rate increase is due to increased claims filings, as well as rises in medical costs and permanent disability benefits that partly took effect this year and take full effect in 2014.

This year, benefit increases added an-other $620 million in system costs, the Rating Bureau has estimated. In 2014, the increases will add another $590 million in costs for all workers’ comp payers in the state.

That said, cost increases are expected to be offset by savings from reforms contained in SB 863, which was signed into law in 2012 and took effect at the start of this year. Continue Reading »

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Jul 20 2012

10 Things You Should Do When Opening A New Business

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Article by Chris Davodi of 1 Stop Service Business Resources.

Grand Opening, Opening a new business tips

Amongst the million businesses that open up every year, some make it past their first year and churn profits while others fail in not being able to generate a profit. Perhaps it might be things that are out of your control like the state of the market or even the economy, in general.

While there is a possibility that you might not succeed due to these factors, you can probably increase your chances by making a checklist of tasks that you should complete when you open a new business.

Here are some vital tasks that can help you succeed, or help you survive when things get rough:

#1: In determining whether the business will suit your life’s goals or not, you can proceed to create a business and marketing plan while also using the break-even analysis to determine whether or not the business will succeed before jumping headlong.

#2: Finding a legal structure for your business is paramount, and this means understanding which ownership structure will suit your business, and perhaps, a lawyer will be able to help you streamline your efforts.

#3: Get a good name for your business and make sure you have the paperwork in place.

#4: It is important to find an appropriate business location so that it will stand more chances for success in its first year.

#5: Obtaining Insurance, filing for permits and licenses while also setting tax reporting and accounting are also important tasks.


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Feb 18 2015

Spruce Up the Interior Design of Your Office with These Tips

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Part of the reason to upgrade your office is a need to meet with clients in a space that is more formal than your own. You also need a place to put employees, and the equipment and documents your business will accumulate over time.

The modern office can also be a selling point for potential clients, and part of the culture for your employees. Use these tips to present an attractive workspace.

Modern Doors

You can completely change the look of your office by simply replacing the doors for your executive and office rooms. A wood door, made of mahogany or stained a deep red or brown will look attractive and official. Simple door latches complement the modern look and give the conference room a face lift. Modern doors also provide better insulation, which is best for offices that have a separate set of controls for air conditioning in areas that have doors.

Adjustable Desks

There is evidence to suggest that sitting at a desk can be extremely detrimental to our health on a daily basis. Workers who fail to exercise at all have it even worse. One solution that some have found effective, and stylish, is to add an adjustable desk to the office. With locks on both sides, these desks are able to life high enough to accommodate someone standing or sitting.

Window Separators

Window walls offer a glimpse into some of the nicer areas of the office. They can be fitted with blinds to give some privacy if needed, but they act as an excellent way to separate a conference room from the rest of the office.

Bio: ETO Doors uses sustainable woods in the construction of its custom doors. You can read ETO Doors reviews from real customers, or you can visit ETO Doors online for its full selection of doors and accessories.

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Feb 13 2015

Looking for shopping cart solutions

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Written by Secure Net Shop

Online sales are increasing every year. In fact, some sources even state the increase to be around the 15% mark each year. This astounding number only means that right now is the best time to start with shopping cart solutions. However, before jumping straight in the band wagon, there are a few aspects to consider.

Hidden fees

Hidden fees are fees that are not always obvious to the customer. Even though this is nothing to worry about, it might disturb your cash flow. When choosing a website shopping cart, you might want to pay special attention to setup or application fees. These are fees that you need to pay upfront, for the initial setup. Another common hidden fee is cancellation fee, which is billed upon cancellation. The terms and conditions of these fees would be provided on the service provider’s website or contract.


Like all online stores, your e-commerce site will be dealing with sensitive data. Therefore, security is of prime importance. It is important to choose a shopping cart ecommerce system that uses industry standards. Website certifications often reflect these standards. It might be worthwhile to consider those in detail.

Ease of use

Communication contributes hugely to the success of an online store. Therefore, it would be beneficial to achieve that with the system you are using. Basically, you want to be able to modify your site’s content quickly and easily. That way you will be able to broadcast announcements instantly with your soon to be clients.

Secure Net Shop provides ecommerce and shopping cart solutions for businesses.

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Feb 09 2015

Polyurethane Foam in Shipping

Written by Foam Factory, Inc.

While shipping your personal goods or packages, an important element to consider is ensuring that your packages get a reliable protection against any shock or damage. Foam inserts are ideal solutions for cushioning any type of fragile goods such as china, glassware, electronics or instruments.

These protective foams can be ordered or custom-cut to fit your box in order to ensure that your products are properly cushioned. If you tend to ship particularly fragile, breakable or perishable items, foam inserts for packages add another layer of security. Some of the foam products can also adapt to specific packaging needs. This ensures that products remain well socketed and limits the risk of motion.

Some products require specific foam wrappings. For instance, electronics such as computer chips, resistors or circuit boards have to be wrapped in anti-static foam to limit any damage to their internal system. For extra protection from movements, convoluted foam inserts are preferred. These egg crate-like foams ensure maximum stability and acts as cushions against any impacts. This limits the risk of breakages. Going for a lightweight foam for packages minimizes shipping costs. This is why polyurethane foam sheets are often preferred for shipping. These foam pads can be layered on products to protect them from vibrations, shock or compaction induced during handling, transit or storage. This type of foam is also used for making custom cushions.

Foam Factory, Inc. specializes in various types of foam products ranging from polyurethane foam sheets to mattresses and cushions. The company also sells packaging foam in Canada.

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Feb 08 2015

Basic Considerations Before Opening A Gelato Shop

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Written by Gelato Products

Before opening a gelateria or gelato shop, as well as any other business for that matter, there are various factors that need to be considered. These decisions are crucial to the overall success of the business and deserve much thought before an entrepreneur decides to take the plunge.

Real Passion

The most important element when embarking into any business consists of a genuine passion for your product. Italian gelato is quite specific and even falls into the category of niche market are typical consumers that you would be attracting have a more developed palate and are quite choosy. The target consumers would have to be educated about the product’s quality and uniqueness.

Client Networks and Suppliers

If you intend to sell your products on a large scale, you would need to form a huge network of clients. Same goes for suppliers. Gelato entrepreneurs would need a reliable supplier of ice cream shop supplies and gelato cups and spoons.

Assessing Risks

There is always a good amount of risk involved when setting up any business. An entrepreneur would need to assess whether personal income and wealth can be risked in this enterprise. Careful analysis would therefore need to be exercised in order to determine how safe the project really is.


You might want to consider before embarking in a project whether you are able to persevere even in odd and hard times. This is a particularly important trait in an entrepreneur, whatever the type of business be. An entrepreneur should also be ready to give in more hours in order to have the business up and running.

Gelato Products specializes in selling gelato supplies gelato businesses. Some of their product offerings include tasting spoons.

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Feb 07 2015

Power Supplies on The Go

Written by Start Pac

The engineering field has its own share of adventure. Indeed, engineers are often required to operate is extremely remote areas. The related companies, therefore, have to cope with the fact that there are often no power sources nearby. A lot of these companies have to rely on portable power supplies. Engineers often have a lot of machineries they need to operate on site. They have to rely on portable power packs. These are often lightweight and compact, which makes them extremely portable.

Alternatives are of no shortage here. Diesel powered power generators are fairly common and provide good mileage. A lot of these generators can be started with a full tank at dawn and will only shut off at dusk. The only disadvantage is that they tend to be bulky, noisy and may emit slight amounts of smoke.

Lithium batteries are another alternative. These modern batteries may last much longer than their more common acid based ones. Lithium based portable battery packs are also lighter and smaller, which is only good news concerning their portability. Engineering companies are known for always going for advanced technologies. These companies often have to work in remote areas, under difficult conditions. It is only natural for them to experiment with different technologies.

These companies often opt for battery packs. While the diesel or gas powered generators hold a long time, the amount of noise and smoke may not be ideal for working engineers. Also, the fact that batteries are getting better and better does not help the case of the other power generators.

Start Pac specializes in a power supply devices for application in various fields including portable battery pack.

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Jan 22 2015

San Francisco General Strike

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By Phin Upham

The Great Depression was a time where work was scarce, but working conditions were less than favorable. A far cry from the clean factory floors of today, the factories of Depression era manufacturing were filthy and dangerous. The San Francisco General Strike that took place in July of 1934 occurred for just four days, but the tensions that fueled that outburst were brewing for months.

A labor dispute with the dockworkers kicked the strike off. The dock workers demanded higher pay, more and better hours, and control over the hiring process. They set a deadline for their demands, and by May 10th were picketing the docks.

Protestors clashed with police on July 5th as the harbor opened its docks and began to unload ships with ringers. 1,000 armed cops showed up to the conflict, and photos from the day show heavy smoke from what appears to be either gunfire or tear gas. 64 people were injured, two were killed, and the event would come to be called “Bloody Thursday.”

It was a tragedy, and there was a massive public funeral for the two men who were killed. Massive support for the workers eventually grinded all operations to a halt for four days. In the end, the dock workers did get most of what they wanted, and the strike directly influenced the creation of the National Labor Relations Board that exists to protect the rights of workers. Some argue that unions aren’t what they used to be, and perhaps that’s true, but the General Strike showed what unions could do and that lent them credence that lasts into the modern era.

About the Author: Phin Upham is an investor at a family office/ hedgefund, where he focuses on special situation illiquid investing. Before this position, Phin Upham was working at Morgan Stanley in the Media & Technology group. You may contact Phin on his Phin Upham website or LinkedIn page.

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Jan 20 2015

How Buy-Side Platforms Leverage Data, and How Your Campaigns Benefit

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Data is the greatest asset that a marketer can have over competitors. Your advantage is your ability to learn and to process what you learn for your gain. When you purchase traffic from a buy-side platform, the data you have powers much of your ability to reach the proper market segments and convert them to your offer.

Big Data

Ad exchanges purchase traffic from many sell-side platforms, and they work hard to match marketers up to demographic segments as appropriate. As a result, you benefit directly from the ability to target beyond interest. Begin with an analysis of your campaign and goals before working to find segments of traffic that will help you meet them. Find the qualities that describe your ideal user, down to education level and a host of other personal qualities. A self-service solution leverages that same data at a budget you set, with options you alter.

Audience Matters

The greater effort you put into understanding your buyer, the higher the likelihood that you will be able to reach them. The traffic available on a standard DSP is too much to approach without targeting. You’ll spend your entire budget without learning anything actionable.

Begin by developing a profile of your audience based on what you know about the market. Read news stories about your product and market segment, review comments posted on these stories, study trends from search engines, and follow keywords to see which are the most competitive terms.

Narrowing Focus to Expand Performance

The concept seems counter-intuitive at first glance. Think of this process like trimming the fat away from your campaigns to get to the meat inside. By narrowing your focus to a specific age group, income level, or marital status, you can gain data to assist you in future testing. For example, you may notice that your conversions tend to happen Monday afternoons, which would help you focus your budget towards reaching your market on that day while you test for opportunities elsewhere.

The amount of traffic to purchase is nearly limitless, but narrowing your focus will help your budget go toward something actionable.


Arming yourself with competitive knowledge about the market segments you want to reach is your best weapon. A lack of knowledge is the equivalent to money on the table, and with so much of it available freely there is no reason to leave that money alone.

Bio: Ted Dhanik started his display advertising career in the early 2000s, building brands like and through targeted banner advertising. Ted Dhanik is currently the CEO and co-founder of engage:BDR. Ted Dhanik offers tips for mobile advertising through Ad Age and Venture Beat.

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Jan 13 2015

How Web EDI Has Changed Business Transactions

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Written by Act Data Services, Inc. 1-800-ACT-DATA

Web EDI pertains to the electronic exchange of documents by using internet-enabled EDI platforms. This system allows companies to include their business partners within their EDI. Through internet-based HTML forms, messages can be accessed by any user within the system. This allows users to fill in forms and to have them transmitted in XML format to a translation application. The role of this EDI software is to convert the message into relevant EDI standard to have it transferred to partner companies.

Prior to the global use of the internet, companies had to use value added networks (VAN) to be able to transmit data from company to company. The internet has enabled companies to move data more quickly and cost-effectively as compared to having to the charges found in typical VAN contracts. As a response to the shift in technology, service providers are now providing various web-based services such as EDI translation, encryption, secured email services and reports that would be beneficial to the company and relevant to its management.

EDI services constitute of several benefits to the company, the most notable ones being the decrease of costs associated with paperworks, the increase in speed in business transactions and efficiency in the performance of employees. At a more strategic level, the use of EDI allows real-time visibility of transactions. This aids in strategic decision-making and responsiveness to business demands.

ACT Data Services is an EDI services bureau. The company has operated since 1985 and has been approved to manage walmart edi by top executives of the company.

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Jan 07 2015

The Future of Power in Aviation

Written by: Start Pac

One of the biggest changes coming to aviation in the next few years is how efficiently craft are able to handle power. Airplanes have an extremely heavy work load, and must run for long periods of time when they do function. There is often little down time between flights, so commercial aircraft are surprisingly resilient considering the stress they are put under.

That’s what makes power management so interesting, and so crucial to the development of sustainable air travel.  The portable power pack that gives planes the jumpstart they need to get off the ground is becoming more efficient, requiring less to jumpstart the plane. As efficiency becomes a prime concern for everyone, the way a plane consumes power will ultimately set it apart from its ilk.

Jumpstarting Planes

Not much has changed in the way of jumpstarting planes. Even the connectors that bridge the turbine starting unit to the plane have remained the same year over year. Planes still require that jolt to get the engine turning over once they’ve powered down, but ground crews are completing the task faster. Lithium-ion technology is not standard, yet it is affecting the small number of craft that use batteries made of lithium-ion dramatically.

When a battery receives a charge, some of that electricity is transferred in the form of heat loss. Any transfer of energy tends to generate heat, but newer batters are using more of that electricity and losing less of it. This means that planes can travel farther on a lighter charge.

Other Changes

Lithium ground support equipment also helps improve efficiency out on the tarmac. Lithium packs that hold a charge more efficiently end up helping crews stay mobile. One unit can be split into two smaller lithium packs, helping crews efficiently prep lighter craft before moving onto the larger airliners. Plus, with a recharge time of just four hours, crews can keep their systems working throughout the day without too much down time. Lithium also doesn’t carry the risk of sulfation, which is an affect that you’ve probably seen on your car battery. When the acids in a lead-acid battery mix, they tend to have a reaction that produces corrosive materials. Lithium-ion doesn’t suffer from this issue, so its long term use is more reliable.

Final Thoughts

Lithium-ion, the same technology that powers our laptops and cell phones, is fast becoming the technology that helps us get to where we need to go.

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Dec 13 2014

Swarovski Supplies online

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Written by Too Cute Beads

Swarovski is a world-renowned Austrian brand that has operated in the crystal manufacturing industry since as long as far back as 1895. The company’s precision cut crystals are mostly suited for designer jewelry making purposes. The crystals have come to represent a great level of expertise as they are crafted with care and they have become a symbol of quality in the industry.

These particular crystals are now cut in numerous shapes and they come in different colors. They would make great additions to your jewelry kits as these are used for the confection of pendants as well as other forms of jewelry. Swarovski does not only make crystals, the company also produces crystals pearls and beads. One of the places where you might be able to find a variety of Swarovski crystals would be online.

If you are intending to craft your own jewelry, then you might consider ordering loose swarovski crystals. These can then be transformed into earrings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces. These crystals are usually very durable so they would be thoughtful presents for special occasions such as weddings and birthdays.

In the case that you are looking for a good alternative to pearl, you could also purchase Swarovski crystal pearls. These are specifically made to look like real pearls and they come in different colors and sizes. These types of pearls can be perfect as gifts on occasions such as your mom’s birthday.

Too Cute Beads is an online company that sells Swarovski pendants and other jewelry supplies such as earring kits since 1998.

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