The Most Common Misconceptions That Job Seekers Don’t Pay Attention To

As a job seeker, you’re essentially at the mercy of the company that you’ve applied for. Criminal background checks are one of the most common methods to root out applicants from one another. However, there are some common misconceptions about background checks that you may not be wary of.

Falsify Financial Information

Many applicants want the most that they can get from the employer. However, one should not lie about how much they were being paid from their previous company. Even slightly altering your pay can be seen simply from a copy of your W-2 forms that the employer may request.

Companies Only Look at the Resume

Realistically, employers will run a background check to search for your salary history, credit score, criminal background, professional references, and even whether or not you are licensed. It covers every aspect and should not be taken lightly.

Companies Will Only Call The References On Your Application

False. An employer may go beyond the references that you listed to conduct their own background check. Employer background checks consist of agencies that work amongst each other to check a variety of factors that go beyond your references. And, when you think about it, major companies know that the references that you put down will obviously put in a good word for you. They want the honest truth, and some companies will go beyond that to contact your previous employers to see a different perspective than what your references have said.

You Will Automatically Be Counted Out After Finding Something Negative

This isn’t always the case for every company. If something unfavorable appears on a background check, the company won’t always just pass on you as a candidate. The trust of the matter is that most people won’t apply to a position simply because they believe that one strike won’t get them anywhere. Don’t let your past discourage you. Be honest and upfront with the employer. They may give you the chance, but only if you put yourself out there and be completely transparent with the employer. As disheartening as it may be to be upfront, the truth will always come out, no matter what.

The Bottom Line

When it’s all said and done, as a job seeker, you must always be truthful with your application. Don’t be afraid to speak out and let them know that you messed up in the past. They may not even consider it as detrimental to the position that you are applying for.

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