Five reasons to use hosted shopping cart software

Written by Secure Net Shop

There are two ways to start selling products online from your website. The first is to install and set up shopping cart software on your server. The second is to use a hosted solution. Here are some reasons to choose a hosted solution:


E-commerce cart software sits in the middle of several fast changing environments. The first is the server and development environments. Others include changes to browsers, payment gateways, encryption and even image formats. All of these changes require changes to the cart software. You will spend a lot of time just keeping the system running and up to date. In a hosted setup, all of those changes and fixes happen in the background.


Probably the most compelling reason to use a hosted solution is security. Hackers and cyber criminals get smarter every day, and the chances of an intrusion get higher and higher. The reputation and sales of your business will depend on running a secure and problem free site. Hosted shopping carts have teams of security experts who will protect and secure the software.


Every bit of time that you spend on the shopping cart and not on growing your business is time wasted. In addition to maintenance and security, there are factors like hosting, hosting costs, connecting payment gateways, troubleshooting and helpdesk activities that will eat up a lot of your time when running a self-hosted system. Use a hosted solution and free yourself up to work on your business.


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