Which Languages are Apple and Android Apps Written

win-ios-android-mobile-app-devThe Android operating system has dominated the mobile marketplace for multiple years. Therefore, there is a high demand for app development for this powerful OS that is installed on smartphones and tablets made by LG, Samsung and other leading brands. Android applications are officially powered by Java, which is a type of computer programming language. App development in Los Angeles likely includes a software development kit (SDK) that’s optimized for various editions of Android.

Apple’s iOS platform also accounts for a large percentage of the mobile market share worldwide. Applications for iPhones and iPads are written in a syntax that is called Swift. This is a programming language that has been exclusively engineered and optimized by Apple. An iPhone app development company Los Angeles utilizes Swift in order to launch apps on Apple’s iTunes store. Swift is considered to be an open source technology that is readily accessible to amateur developers. It’s even possible for anyone to take advanced tutorials on this programming language that supports apps for all Apple devices.

Mobile application development Los Angeles solutions must be routinely updated to keep up with new versions of Android and iOS platforms. For example, the Android OS has evolved tremendously since its early versions such as Cupcake, Donut and Gingerbread. Similarly, Apple publishes multiple editions of the iOS platform each year. Skilled app developers must design new apps that are compatible with the latest versions of Android and iOS platforms. It’s also common for developers to optimize apps to run on web browsers like Google Chrome and Apple Safari.

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