What you need to accept credit card payments online

Written by Secure Net Shop

2Let’s assume that you have a website. Based on that, the following components will be necessary in order to sell products and accept credit card payments.

Compatible Website

Having a website is not enough. The website should be able to integrate the shopping card and the checkout components. Most modern content management systems and/or blogging platforms should fit the bill. While these can be integrated into a pure html site, it is cumbersome and difficult to easily implement future changes.

Payment Gateway

You cannot accept credit cards online without a payment gateway. This is usually the place where you users are directed in order to enter their card details. In some countries this is provided the by the bank, or there are some payment gateway specific companies. If you need Paypal support from your merchant shopping cart, then credit card payments can also be processed by them.

Shopping Cart

The ecommerce cart software is the front end to the shopping experience. It is where they will browse for products. Add it to the cart and eventually checkout. Choose a web shopping cart that has support for multiple payment gateways, Paypal etc. In terms of features, look for what you need for your products. There should be support for multiple products, multiple options for each of those. Above all, look for something that can be customized to your needs.


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