Three Tips on How to Buy Employee Time Clocks

Written by Allied Time

Does your company need a new time clock system? Employee time clocks are vital for daily operations, making it possible for management to keep track of breaks and work hours. But today’s time clocks are nothing compared to the original punch clock. Advanced time clock systems can do everything from identify an employee from their finger print to automatically calculate overtime hours.  What’s more, there are many models on the market, ranging from web-based time clocks to traditional punch clocks. How do you know which time clock to purchase and if you’re getting a good deal? Where is the best place to buy an employee time clock?

Although shopping for an employee time clock system might seem overwhelming, there are many ways to ensure you’re getting the right product at the right price. Follow these tips on how to find the right time clock according to your business needs and budget.

Find a time clock specialty store. Many business owners purchase time clock systems from mega stores that sell all types of products for merchant operations. But the best way to find a good time clock system is to visit a specialty store, one that focuses on employee time clock systems. Since their focus is on time clocks, a specialty store will know everything there is to know about time clocks, including the best brands. This means you can get expert information on an Amano time clock, for example, and better customer service. Unlike a mega store that carries limited supplies, a specialty store will also offer a wide selection of the latest models on the market.

Select the right type of time clock. Once you’ve found a time clock specialty store, it’s time to narrow your search to the type of time clock that best meets your needs. If you want a simple time clock with basic features, consider a traditional punch clock. But if you need advanced software, look into web time clocks and biometric time clocks. A biometric time clock is ideal for companies that require higher security measures, while a web time clock is great for companies that want an advanced system.

Lowest price guarantee. Before you can purchase a Pyramid time clock from a specialty store, it’s important to ensure you’re getting the lowest price possible. How? Find a retailer that offers price matching. This means that they guarantee to offer the lowest price, and even if you find a lower price someone else, they will match that price.
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