The pros and cons of pre employment checks

instantbackgroundchecks2Written by Tenant Screening Services, LLC

Most small businesses will want to reduce hiring costs and therefore be curious about the pros and cons of pre-employment checks. Here are some pros and cons to help owners/ hiring managers decide if pre-employment checks are suitable for them.

Pro: Background screening reduces liability – Businesses can be sued for negligent hiring. This means that employers hiring new employees should be aware of certain details, before taking an employee on board.

Con: Background screening can take time – Some background checks can take a day to a week. This will put your hiring process on hold and may cause an employee to interview at other businesses. However, skipping processes like background criminal check can open the business and other employees to unnecessary harm.

Pro: Background screening creates trust – A comprehensive background check will ensure that the employee’s details are accurate and will help to build trust between the management and the employee. This is especially true in positions that handle a lot of cash.

Con: Background screening costs money – Employment background checks can get expensive, especially if your company has high turnover and is constantly recruiting. However, it is important to note that a negligent hiring lawsuit has an average settlement cost of $1 million.

Pro: Background screening reduces loss – Employee theft can be costly. A background check will iron out any doubts and help the employer make a hiring decision based on facts.


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