Support Your Local Team with these Goodies

Written by: Radar Gun Sales

Custom sports banners are just one of many ways that good fans show appreciation for a team. It’s not uncommon to see fans from professional sporting games showing off home-made signs, so there is no reason you can’t do it either! Break out the markers and poster board, because these tips will turn anyone into a team’s biggest fan.


Sports banners with your team’s logo on them can be strung over bleachers, or on the chain link fence surrounding the field. They may display your team’s member name, or show off how many times your team has clinched the championship. There are a variety of ways for you to show off your pride, and banners can be printed to just about any size you need. Print banners on high-quality vinyl to make them durable.


Sports inflatables are another great way to show your love for the team. These inflatables come in many shapes too: like the inflatable “#1” finger, or inflatable tubes you can slap together as noise makers. You can also use these inflatables as a method of fundraising for your team’s travel expenses as well. Order some inflatables and sell them at the field, the proceeds you bring in can funnel right back into the team or go towards making cooler merchandise.

Cheer Squad

A cheer squad is always a welcome addition to any sporting event. If you can’t find cheer leaders to come and cheer you on, arm the people in the stands with everything they need. Give them blow horns, or just fold a piece of paper up and use it as an amplifier. You can also invest in whistles, or have a leader to stand before the stands and lead people in a cheer for the team. Many soccer fans like to chant certain rhymes or poems for their teams too, a tradition that can easily move to the realm of baseball.


The pride of wearing a uniform is important for any growing sports team, and you should order silk-screened prints online to save money. Just be conscious of what is allowed for your league. Some leagues allow nicknames, others do no. Some leagues are ok with portraying the last names of players, some would prefer only the first name.

Baseball teams are like any other sports team. Give them the home team advantage to pump them up for the game, and they will usually perform better.