Simple Accessories Every Pilot Should Have

Submitted Start Pac

When you think about taking your plane or helicopter into the air, there are probably a number of different factors you know you must consider. Like any good pilot, you probably have a checklist you use to ensure you’re being safe and thorough in your preparations. However, so long as you have safety covered, there are a number of other things you can do to get the most from your trip into the sky.

Just like many motorcyclists enjoy a good pair of gloves for better grips, you may as well when it comes to flying your plane or helicopter. They also look great and can protect your hands when exiting the vehicle on cold days. Obviously, you never want to take the controls with number fingers.

A ground power unit is also a cool accessory you should have nearby. With a portable GPU, you never have to be inconvenienced if your plane or helicopter’s battery dies prior to take off. Just use the unit to jump the battery and get back into the air.

Lastly, consider a bag or kit for all your supplies necessary for de-icing a plane before taking it into the air on a cold day. It’s convenient and could safe your life.


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