Reaping Business Benefits Through Employee Time Tracking

Written by Allied Time

Tracking the time and attendance of employees is an important aspect in managing human capital. The system in place would be able to offer a fast and noticeable return on investments from savings in time and cost. An effective time and attendance tracking system is able to help streamline payroll processes, simplify tasks assignments and manage vacations and absences.

More Efficient and Accurate Payroll Preparation

A time-tracking system allows considerable time gain when it comes to payroll preparation since the process is automated. Thus the time collection process, payroll policies and calculations of overtimes are instantly done and sent to the responsible payroll office for checking.

Easier Tracking of Paid Time Off

Along with tracking additional hours worked overtime, some systems also allow companies to calculate the number of paid time off that an employee is entitled to based on company policies. Employees are also able to view their sick leave and other vacations entitlements through an online portal. Time offs can also be requested directly through some systems.

More Effective Human Resource Management

Effective time machine solutions provide valuable tools and reports that can aid in the calculation of HR costs in order to make better decisions. Some ad-hoc reports are also possible through some of these systems.

Workforce Tracking on The Go

An accurate payroll tracking would start right from the moment that the employee clocks in. In order to cater for diverse work locations, many clocking systems provide features such as touch screens, biometric face recognition and even time clock online services.

Allied Time provide time tracking solutions for businesses. Their time clock systems are innovative and have features such as biometric recognition.