Protecting Your Warehouse Stock

The stock of a warehouse is the distributor’s life blood. Employee theft, natural hazards and a host of other issues can threaten the integrity of that stock. In order to make sure your distribution chain remains intact, it’s important to establish some protocol aimed at protecting your warehouse stock. These tips should help you secure your warehouse and plan thoughtfully.


Warehouses use shelving to provide some vertical storage space without cluttering the floor. It’s important to place the heaviest objects on the lowest rack. This helps lower the center of gravity, allowing you to stack more items that are lighter weight. You should also stack similar products together, so they are easy to retrieve when your staff needs them.


Unwanted visitors on the floor of the warehouse can be one of the biggest sources for hazards. You may be missing theft, or there could be an unplanned accident because walk ways are poorly defined. It’s important to install a heavy-duty roll up door so that you can keep things closed off at night. Security cameras are also beneficial. Your door also has the added feature of keeping your stock safe from elements, which is good for perishable items.

Thoughtful Layout

Your warehouse should have plenty of space for personnel to maneuver through the aisles. It’s also important that you keep your external walls free and clear of racks and stock. This saves you from potential theft, and it helps protect your stock from the elements. It also reduces fire hazards, which could catch outside your warehouse and cause serious structural damage.

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