Polyurethane Foam in Shipping

Written by Foam Factory, Inc.

While shipping your personal goods or packages, an important element to consider is ensuring that your packages get a reliable protection against any shock or damage. Foam inserts are ideal solutions for cushioning any type of fragile goods such as china, glassware, electronics or instruments.

These protective foams can be ordered or custom-cut to fit your box in order to ensure that your products are properly cushioned. If you tend to ship particularly fragile, breakable or perishable items, foam inserts for packages add another layer of security. Some of the foam products can also adapt to specific packaging needs. This ensures that products remain well socketed and limits the risk of motion.

Some products require specific foam wrappings. For instance, electronics such as computer chips, resistors or circuit boards have to be wrapped in anti-static foam to limit any damage to their internal system. For extra protection from movements, convoluted foam inserts are preferred. These egg crate-like foams ensure maximum stability and acts as cushions against any impacts. This limits the risk of breakages. Going for a lightweight foam for packages minimizes shipping costs. This is why polyurethane foam sheets are often preferred for shipping. These foam pads can be layered on products to protect them from vibrations, shock or compaction induced during handling, transit or storage. This type of foam is also used for making custom cushions.

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