Polystyrene Foam is Environmentally-Impactful and Safe

Polystyrene FoamWhen it comes to packaging food, polystyrene has been the number one go-to type of foam. First off, it’s environmentally friendly. With growing concerns about climate change, polystyrene packaging makes sense to use. And, with its’ environmentally-preferable properties, when recycled, it continues to make an impact beyond disposal. Other types of packaging foam in Canada can’t be as easily broken down as polystyrene can.

It also provides an enormous amount of benefits that help keep food fresh. This article will discuss all of the benefits that you’ll receive when using polystyrene foam for your packaging needs.

No Harm to the Environment

Most packaging foam requires energy and raw materials to fully dispose of. Polystyrene, on the other hand, uses less energy and resources to manufacture and are extremely lightweight. This means fewer air emissions when transporting the disposed product to the plant. The decrease in energy usage is one efficient way to slow down the effects of global warming. As a recycled product, much of the polystyrene insulation foam is placed back into the environment through “green buildings”.

Food Safety

The FDA has already approved the use of polystyrene since the 1950’s. It’s been a trusted product because of its clean and sanitary characteristics. Polystyrene provides sanitary food service and prevents the spread of diseases. Because parents, teachers, and patients want the safest for their loved ones, they choose polystyrene. Additionally, hot foods will stay hot and cold foods will stay cool. Temperature regulation is also standard when it comes to polystyrene insulation.

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