Plate or Wrap: How to Order at Zankou

Standing in line at a Zankou Chicken is like the never ending struggle. You’re hungry, you can smell incredible food from the moment you step through the door, and the full-color menu beckons you to the counter to order. Before you get there, have you decided on the plate or the wrap? This critical question will make or break your lunch, so read on for the details of what each meal is packaged with.

Plate: Bring Your Appetite

One of the best reasons to order a plate is that it comes with so much food for just a few dollars more than the wrap. The wrap is already fairly large, and should sate the appetite of most people, but the plate gives you that little bit extra if you’re really feeling the hunger pangs.

Plates also come with rice, which is far healthier for you than French fries would be.

The single drawback is that there may be too much food for just one person to finish. Although, that’s not really a problem if you enjoy leftovers. Just try and eat the salad before you stop eating for the day, otherwise the lettuce will become soggy.

Wraps: A More Perfect Lunch

What would a Mediterranean restaurant be without the wrap? The answer may be something none of us ever want to know, but that’s why the wrap was invented. It packs everything you love: meat, veggies and rich sauce, into one tasty package. The wrap is also the perfect single-serving meal, packing just enough to fill you up and keep you going throughout the day.