Making Your Building the Selling Point

Article written by Port Containers

Are you starting up a small business? You’ve probably heard a lot of the “horror stories” about starting up a small business like making sure your business plan is sound and then advertising to your target market and the many many logistical concerns. One of the harder parts of creating a small business is finding a good location for your business. There are a lot of commercial spaces for rent these days but they come at such high prices. Here’s a suggestion for you though; build your own office space.

You probably cocked your head back in shock of such a outlandish suggestion, but let’s play this out a little. You could find your own commercial space, probably in a great part of town but then take hard hits from the steep rent payments. This is expense on top of your other costs like advertising. What would happen though if you constructed your own office or storefront with an iso container.

The shipping containers would make for a great building because of it’s strong construction. You can also create you’re own building with it’s own unique and artistic design. This could become a selling point for your shop and be an advertisement in itself. If this is a food establishment, people will want to go to your shop to visit the ambiance and art that is your building. There are many sea containers for sale by several companies and seller so finding these won’t be a problem at all!


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