Making sure you get the right tenants

2Article by Tenant Screening Services, LLC

There is nothing worse than renting out property to bad tenants. There are so many dangers to your property and to you. One such danger is that of damage to the property. Some damage is covered by insurance and the deposit, but there have been cases of massive repair costs. Another danger is property used for illegal activities. Ultimately as the landlord, there is the possibility that you might bear some liability. There is where landlord checks come in.

The most important check is the background criminal check. Unless you are comfortable renting your property to someone with a criminal record, this is the first check to do. Check all your prospective tenants and shortlist those that pass the background check. You can now safely find the tenant you are most comfortable with who will agree to your terms

If you have already rented out property, you can also check existing tenants. This way you can pay extra attention to those who might already have such a background. Depending on the level of risk, you can decide if you want to extend the lease.

These and other checks can be conducted by tenants screening services. There are background checks, criminal record checks and even credit checks. Any one of these will give you more insight into your potential tenants. The more checks you do the more accurate picture you will get.


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