How to Run a Mobile Massage Business

The massage market is exploding right now, and there is plenty of room for the amateur therapist to make a name for himself. Many private therapists are opting to run a travelling massage business, rather than immediately rent space from a parlor. You will need portable massage tables, some assorted equipment and a bit of marketing sense to get by, but it can be a good method to develop a business from the ground up.


The first thing you need to establish is the quality of your education. Good credentials are your proverbial “foot in the door” for finding new clients and building trust. You should also check with your state and local government to be sure that you are meeting all legal requirements to operate a mobile massage parlor. It’s also important that you get your tax information ready, so be sure you have an EIN number for your business and talk with a tax advisor about the advantages of opening an LLC to protect yourself.


Aside from a mobile massage table, you will need some salon and spa equipment to help you do your work. A small duffle bag will be invaluable. You want something with lots of pockets and a good shoulder strap so you can carry it with you as you go. It should hold all of the oils and exfoliants you need, along with some extra towels and other provisions as needed. Some therapists, or instance, might like to bring incense sticks or a special relaxing mix tape to put the client in the right mood. These small touches can add a lot of value to your service, and lead to recommendations from happy clients who felt they got a good value for their money. Try to recreate the salon experience in the client’s home.


It’s a good idea to pick a specialty and stick to it. Foot massages, back rubs or shiatsu massages are good places to start because they are well known in the world of massage. Specializing also helps you build loyal clientele who may require your services for specific parts of the body. Elderly people are a good example, as many of their aches and pains are in the same area.


No business will get too far without some proper marketing. You should design colored brochures that you can leave with your clients, and be prepared to do some cold calling and emailing to find new customers. You can also consider group discount sites, which might bring a sudden influx of work your way and help get your name out there.
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