How New Agents Can Expand Their Clientele

New agents face a challenge that every veteran has faced before: getting clientele. Real estate will take you on some unique journeys, and every transaction is different, but the first few years of real estate can be quite difficult. You might find yourself breaking even, or making just a little bit more than what you invested. Don’t worry, it does get better, but you will need to get over that initial hump if you hope to get the most out of this amazing profession. Here is how you can expand your clientele.

Guest Blogging

Today, you have the benefit of guest blogging to reach your audience. You have knowledge about the buying conditions, interest rates, and local area. Use that knowledge to fuel an article in your local newspaper. You’re not trying to sell yourself, like a press release, but you should contribute useful information in an effort to brand yourself. You might inspire someone to buy or sell, and you will be the first person they think of when the time comes.

Local Networking Events

Real estate is an industry built on word of mouth interactions. It’s so important to get in front of groups of people and meet buyers and sellers while they are out an about. That’s why you might consider renting some booth space at local farmer’s markets or events that expect significant foot traffic. Have some glossy materials ready, put a smile on your face and be prepared to enjoy the beautiful day outside.

The more opportunities you take to meet people face to face, the less you have to resort to the impersonal ad space. Use this to your advantage before your consider hitting the send button on your millionth email.


Kuba Jewgieniew is the CEO of Realty ONE Group, a lifestyle brand driven by a passion to build better communities. Kuba Jewgieniew also helped found Realty ONE Group Cares, a foundation dedicated to improving the quality of life for citizens across America.