Get More from Your Digital Assets

Article by Act Data Services, Inc. 1-800-ACT-DATA

Have you ever considered what your company’s digital infrastructure may be costing you? I’m not just talking about the overhead you need to pay for every month. That’s an obvious part of your budget you most likely already account for. Instead, I’m talking about the times these assets may be doing more harm than good.


If you think about it, you’ll probably realize that a lot of times, adding software to your company’s business plan means that you have to hire someone to make sure it’s working correctly. Then, you probably have to add more people to ensure that the various platforms are working in harmony with one another.

This is why EDI software has become so important. It helps software communicate. So, for example, it can read the ucc on a package (or, say, a ucc128) and let software in another part of the world know that it’s on its way. Then it tracks the entire transfer process.

By using EDI software, you no longer have to pay people to do something as simple as making sure your tech is working correctly. Instead, you can spend that money dedicating them to jobs that actually require a human touch—better for business and your budget.


Through a pick and pack process, your company can get better results from all the software it currently relies on. The team over at Act Data has the expertise, experience and pricing to help you make the most of EDI.