Ecommerce Shopping Cart Basics

Written by Secure Net Shop

Shopping cart ecommerce software gives you the ability sell products or services online without having to process the orders manually one by one. Believe it or not, before shopping carts were widely available, selling products online involved creating an application for your website from scratch or processing all orders manually as they arrived in email form.

The web site shopping cart is the page where it collects all the orders for the customer and displays it with the prices, quantities and totals. The customers can see how many items they have put aside to purchase from each page through the shopping cart quick view, but the detail will be in the shopping cart page.

The basic features of an online shopping cart:

It stores tagged items as customers continue to shop
It even stores items for customers to return to several days later

Calculates amounts after each item is added, so that customers know how much they’ve spent
Shows saved items while customer shops
Cart can suggest related products, or show products that other customers bought with a particular item
Accepts discounts and other promotional codes

Shopping cart software just works. Any website that plans or sells products/services should have shopping cart. It streamlines the process and depending on which providers it supports, can integrate with the payment gateway directly. All you as the seller will have to do is wake up to see the sales coming in.


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