Different Ideas for Modern Front Doors

Written by ETO Doors

For modern homes, the front door needs to be sturdy, energy efficient and secure. Above all it needs to draw attention to your house and match the modern aesthetic of its design. Modern front doors tend to come in all forms, with different ideas appealing to different people. Here are some of the ideas used to good effect:


The first method of bringing a modern touch is through color. Modern architecture tends to favor white and other lighter colors matched with wood. However bold colors like blue, red or green can be used to good effect to give the front of your house a nice eye catching color.


A lot of modern homes have complete glass front doors. A good idea is to cover the area in front of the door with another layer to protect the inside of the home from prying eyes and the sun. In some cases slatted wood or fencing can be used positioned specifically to block the view from outside.


Sometimes you can create some contrast by using a door that is polar opposite to the design of your house. For example, for an extreme modern home design, an antique wood door can add the sort of contrast that will really add a character to the house. You can take it further by using a door that has some history or story behind it.

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