Custom protective packaging

Written by Canada Foam by Mail

Whether you are travelling, moving out or shipping your belongings, you would require a safe way to protect them from damages and shock. Custom protective packaging provides the right cushioning for your belonging, whether that is a musical instrument, glassware, camera or weapon.

You can usually order foam box inserts made of flexible polyurethane foam to create a protective packaging for your goods. Foam protection is ideal when packaging and shipping particularly fragile, breakable and perishable items. The advantage of using custom foam packaging is that they easily adapt to your packaging needs as they come in different shapes and sizes.

If you have to protect electronic goods such as sensitive circuit boards, computer chips or resistors you can opt for anti-static foam inserts made of polyurethane (open-cell foam). You can also choose convoluted foam inserts that look like egg crates for better stability and protection against movement. Convoluted inserts provide a good cushioning and resistance to impact, thus protecting from breakage.

When choosing the foam for your packaging, look for lightweight foam packaging to minimise freight or shipping costs. You should also ensure that the foam pad would provide good protection against vibration, shock and compaction when the goods will be in transit or stored.

Carlo Badalamenti is the VP of the Foam Factory, a company that has existed since 1980. The company provides a good selection of packaging foam in Canada at competitive prices, including custom protective packaging.