Cost-Effective Shipping Tips

Whether for personal or business reasons, it’s easy to overspend when shipping packages. Because there are so many methods of shipment now, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and end up choosing the most convenient option as opposed to the most affordable. By taking the time to consider packaging products, deadlines, and shipping company costs, you can make the most cost-effective decision for your shipping needs.

First, timeliness is very important. If there are deadlines to be met, make sure you send your products in plenty of time for them to arrive on the dictated dates. Fees can add up significantly when you have to pay for expedited shipping and surpass the standard delivery time. One way to avoid a delay is to keep a full stock of all your packaging needs. Having plenty of supplies on hand like boxes, tape, and protective products such as polyurethane foam sheets will keep the packaging process running smoothly.

Another idea to help see your package delivered on time is to keep track of shipping companies’ timelines. For example, if you have a record of each company’s delivery option expectations and respective costs, you can quickly weigh price versus time efficiency in a tight situation.

Whether you’re sending a single package, many identical packages, or various size boxes, comparing prices for different shipping companies is beneficial. It’s important to be aware that both weight and size affect the cost of a shipment. You may be able to save money by sending more products at once in a larger shipment as opposed to sending numerous smaller packages. Shipping companies can help you decipher which is the most cost-effective option for you.

Another way to ensure you’re not overpaying is to invest in a postage meter. These machines weigh packages, provide exact postage charges, and print shipping labels. By purchasing a postage meter, you remove the issue of ever needing to guess postage amounts. Accidentally choosing inadequate postage can risk a delay in shipment, and therefore bring about extra charges.

Finally, choosing the right packaging ensures your products arrive safely. When a package is ruined in transit, money is wasted on the broken product and all shipping fees and postage must be paid to re-send the same package. Protective products like high density foam sheets provide a layer of shielding against hostile shipping conditions. Because replacing damaged goods can become expensive very quickly, putting money toward defensive materials will save money in the long run. Using these quality shipping materials in addition to keeping track of deadlines and comparing costs will help you choose the most cost-efficient shipping.
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