Buying the right coffee shop equipment

Written by Gelato Products

The great thing about opening your own coffee shop is the fact that it doesn’t take a lot of overheads to get your coffee business up and running. You could start your coffee business from a kiosk or a cart, that can be placed on a busy street corner. If you are planning on a brick and mortar coffee shop with comfy couches, you will require a bigger investment. Here are a few coffee shop supplies you will need to get started.

Brewer (pour over machine/ drip brewer) – These machines make regular coffee, and are stored in a glass decanter. But it is best to purchase a coffee airpot. This will keep your coffee fresh and hot for much longer, while maintaining its taste. Refrain from using an electric element to keep your coffee hot, as this will reduce the taste of your coffee. Choose the size of your brewer, on the number of customers you expect.

Bakery case – You will need a bakery case to display your bakery items.

Refrigerator – You will need a good quality refrigerator to store your milk, cream and ice cream supplies.

Deli case – To display pies and bakery items that require cooling, a deli case would be necessary.

Ice maker – To create cold coffee beverages, you will need a ice maker to ensure you have a constant supply of ice.

A prep table – This will be required if you intend to make wraps and sandwiches.

Panini press – A panini press is needed if customers require their sandwiches / wraps toasted.

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