Business Applications of Portable Power Supplies

Written by: Start Pac

Portable power is in demand, especially as construction takes civilization farther into uncharted territory. Some of these applications are strictly military or industrial, but portable power comes in handy with leisure flights as well. Often, these applications aren’t permanent so portable power fulfills an important role in keeping projects within budget. To support these new needs, other businesses develop to supply that power.

Remote Construction Projects

Construction in remote areas is only made more difficult by power constraints. It’s difficult to maneuver equipment into the jungle, or into a canyon, but there are all sorts of projects that need doing in these remote locations. Running power cables to these locations would be a full-time contract in and of themselves, and these types of projects are typically temporary. A portable battery pack can help jumpstart a tractor in the middle of the desert, so that oil surveys can be conducted. When drilling is ready to commence, more permanent infrastructure can be put into place. Portable power saves money because it keeps contractors agile.

Emergency Jumpstarts

Just like consumers need Triple A to jumpstart a car, turbine starting aircraft sometimes need a boost too. There are plenty of these craft still in operation all across the US, in applications like farming or leisure flights. Jumpstarts also extend to heavy machinery, like heavy trucks or even tanks. Some of this equipment can lay dormant for weeks or even months before it is used, and then only for very specific applications. That stress on the battery necessitates jumpstarts a lot more frequently.

Military Contracting

There is a huge market for portable and heavy-duty power in bases across the country. Businesses who contract these parts essentially rent a ground power unit to the military for the purpose of jumping and maintaining craft. Their maintenance needs a bit different from most commercial operations, who tend to respond to supply and demand. The military is constantly engaged in training and maintenance. Portable power is essential in operations too, where the military must expand into new territory without the infrastructure in place to support a large base.


Airbases across America utilize portable power units because it would be logistically implausible to wire the entire airport for this operation. Ground crews can stay mobile, and airports can handle more flights daily because power is portable. These units are different from the standard generator consumers may find familiar, but the applications are almost exactly the same.