Benefits of Exterior Wood Doors

Written by ETO Doors

Exterior wood doors look good in just about any office or commercial setting. However, these doors offer much more than just aesthetics. The advantages of using solid wood doors are listed below.

Durability and maintenance

Wooden front doors offer incredible durability and do not require much maintenance. Even though these doors tend to be relatively more expensive, the cost is easily recovered due to the durability that they procure and low maintenance. The doors would only require a fresh coating of varnish twice a year and some polishing once a week in order to look glossy and fresh. These doors effectively resist the weather elements such as the rain, wind and snow.

Energy Efficiency

Exterior wood doors, especially when they are properly framed, offer great insulation inside the house. This enables to cut down costs on either heating or cooling. Solid wood doors also provide insulation against the dispersion of sound. This makes it ideal for office settings such as in dental cabinets, legal offices or any office requiring confidentiality.

Cost Effective

Due to the low maintenance and durability of wooden doors, they require less expenses when it comes to maintaining them. These doors last long and therefore would not need to be changed and replaced often, representing significant savings. The energy efficiency of these doors also represent savings in utility bills. They effectively help to lower energy costs and to decrease expenditure in noise insulation.

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