A Breakdown on Choosing the Right Packaging Foam

A-Breakdown-on-Choosing-the-Right-Packaging-FoamIf you own a business that requires you to ship products to customers, you’re going to want to think of the type of packaging foam that you’re going to be using. Choosing the proper foam material makes a difference as they all have varying cell structures and characteristics that make each of them ideal for a certain type of product. Many manufacturers that produce packaging foam in Canada make sure that they are adjusted to a specific density level and firmness specification for their consumer. This allows for flexibility and will greatly affect their performance.


Typically used for a broad range of applications, polyurethane is perfect for delicate and fragile items like medical devices and can also be used as a sound insulator. Their ability to withstand tension is high as well as a high capacity to elongate.


Polyethylene offers a lightweight and durable closed-cell characteristic that has a high resistance to chemicals and moisture. You’ll often see this type of foam used in packing small machines and electronic devices. The high density foam sheets are designed to withstand a strong amount of elongation and a high resistance to chemicals and moisture.


You can also consult with a foam manufacturer about a custom line of foam products that they can create for your business. Look into a company’s “specialty foam” to find certain qualities that others might not have like: static dissipative, hydrophilic, and conductive. It’s important to find a manufacturer that meets your company’s standards for the best type of product.

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