4 strategies for keeping your gelato store clean

gelatoproducts1Written by Gelato Products

You may not be a clean freak at home, but it is important to maintain good hygiene standards when running a business. The main reason for ensuring your premises are clean is to make sure your customers are provided with a good quality service and feel safe eating at your establishment. Good hygiene standards when preparing food will also help you survive restaurant inspections and avoid bad publicity. Here are 4 strategies for keeping your gelato store clean.

Focus on the floors – Research by the CDI states that 42% of customers, judge the cleanliness of a business from how clean their floors are. It is best to regularly inspect the floors throughout the day. Always clean your floors at the close of business, so that you are ready for your customers in the morning.

Maintain your restrooms – Staff should always keep an eye on the restrooms, as one messy customer can ruin the experience for everyone. Ensure that your toilet sinks, mirrors, and seat are clean and that you constantly replenish your liquid soap, toilet paper, and paper towels.

Keep the kitchen clean – To ensure that your kitchen is neat and clean, have daily checklists that your staff has to follow. You will also have to make sure that if you offer stainless steel gelato spoons and glass ice cream bowls, that they are clean.

Place an employee on “clean up duty” – If you can assign a staff member on clean up duty every day. They would be able to check in all areas from the ice cream spoons to the toilets, using a standard daily checklist.


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