Why You Should Choose Packaging Foam For Your Shipment

Why-You-Should-Choose-Packaging-Foam-For-Your-ShipmentWhen you’re getting ready to ship a fragile item through the mail, the packing material you use may very well determine if it gets to the destination in one piece. These days we have a ton of options when it comes to packing, but few are as durable and dependable as high density foam sheets.

Closed cell foam from Canada is one of the few materials available that may be reliably used for just about any job. Heavy or light, solid or fragile, it can protect just about any item you wish. While bubble wrap or peanuts can buckle under a heavier load, packing foam is designed to be strong enough to handle heavy loads while still having enough give to keep the contents from being shocked when the package comes to a halt.

Electronics tend to be extremely fragile and will need to be well protected from shock and movement as well as from the static charge that typically builds up as a package is transported. The pink anti-static variety of packaging foam from Canada retains foams ability to protect while adding a resistance to electrical buildup that will help prevent a static discharge that could damage the device.

Packaging foam is not as expensive as you might think. Many manufacturers fool themselves into sending customers products in low-quality packaging, but foam can be custom-cut and ordered in bulk to save money. Even with standard cardboard packaging, foam gives you the opportunity to present the product and provide a safe method of return should the need arise.

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