How to Purchase a Used Safe

For someone who is in the market to buy a safe, but who would also like to avoid the hefty price tag that is usually associated with such a purchase, there are a number of ways that you can reduce the price by buying used.

The simplest way is to purchase the safe that you want through an online vendor. There are a number of used safes for sale right now on eBay and Amazon, and all of these safes come backed with money-back guarantees so that you can be sure you are getting exactly what is described in the listing.

High security safes are more difficult to find and purchased used, since if you were to buy one from an auction site you would have to pay an inordinate amount of shipping due to their large size. Usually, searching your local pawn shop or Craigslist ads for safes that are large and provide top-notch security is the way to go, because then you can use your own truck or rent a truck in order to pick the safe up personally and save the money.

Finally, you can always search around with local stores that sell safes to see if they have any returned used safes that they are willing to sell at a discount. The cheaper safes usually come in a box, and customers sometimes return these items having damaged the box or lost it entirely. As a result, even though the item isn’t technically “used”, the dealer marks the price down since they have to sell the item without a box.

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