Designing Your Home Office

As more companies embrace employees working out of the home, the necessity to maintain a home office grows. A home office can be your sanctuary of productivity, but it should be designed to fit your interests and your needs. You’ll want plenty of shelf space, which you can build into the wall as shelves or as book cases. You may also want a small lounge area to rest throughout your day. Futons work best for this arrangement, as they easily transform from couch to bed. Read on for design tips that will help modernize and beautify your home office.


Redoing your office door way isn’t just an aesthetic consideration. You can buy a wood door that’s a little bit heavier, so that you can cut heat loss to the room or improve the sound proofing. The thick door is also heavier, so your pets can’t just push it open to bother you throughout the day, if that’s a concern. In addition, there are also different mounts, like the sliding barn door, that give your room a different feel.

Desk Space

Adjustable desks are very popular right now, and for good reason. You can raise or lower the desk to give your back some relief from sitting all day. You can also attach extras like keyboard trays, to give yourself a more ergonomic experience. In addition to your desk itself, extra shelving and trays will help give everything on your desk a place.

Ventilation and Lighting

Ventilation is another important concept that gets overlooked when you’re planning. Central air vents are where they are, but you can add fans or position your windows and doors to allow for a cross breeze. This would have the effect of cooling the room without using AC.


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